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New URL:

LIVING (san antonio) has had a good run, I’d say, but the time has come to rebrand, revamp, and move to a URL of my very own.

Internet, let me introduce you to

This will be the last post on LIVING (san antonio), but nobody freak out. All content from this blog is now available to you at, and all future content will be shared there. So change your bookmarks, tell your friends, like the Facebook page (which also has been changed to Miriam210), follow me on Twitter, re-subscribe on the new website, and stay in touch!


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Robotics Challenge at Geekdom

I spent my weekend with aliens, robots, and middle school kids. No big deal.

Get the scoop on The Rivard Report.




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UPDATE FOR YA: Over the past few days, I’ve become an amateur astronomer. It’s true. Kind of. What I mean is that I’ve been covering the transit of Venus, a rare and spectacular cosmic event that took place yesterday in the skies over San Antonio (and other places, too, I guess).

Looking at the transit through a telescope. The tiny black dot is Venus! Photo by David Herlinger.

If you’re curious, here are the links to what I’ve been writing for The Rivard Report:


Observing the transit through a telescope at Trinity University. Photo by Debbie Brient.

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Best Brunch: Tre Downtown

Free valet, the biggest and oldest yellow lab mix you will ever see, dollar mimosas, and food by Jason Dady. What more could you really ask for in a brunch? Seriously, though, I am curious. What more? NOTHING MORE.

A post about brunch at Tre Trattoria Downtown has been a long time coming, folks. I have dutifully done my research, visiting this fine establishment with ladies and gents, parents, a classy bachelorette party… you get the idea. After having tried close to everything on the menu, I now must deliver the following message: GO THERE FOR BRUNCH. That’s really all you need to know, but feel free to let me convince you by continuing to read.

The food. You really can’t go wrong, but I’ll share some notes on my top three (actually four because there’s a tie for number one… always a good sign).

  • Number three: Creamy Marscapone Polenta. As the name indicates, it’s a rich, creamy, tomato-y polenta (definition: slow cooked cornmeal) with Italian sausage and a fried egg. Doesn’t a fried egg on top make everything better?
  • Number two: Goat Cheese, Pistachio and Balsalmic Cipollini pizza. Just the right mix of sweet and salty, this pizza is potentially large enough to take some home for post brunch snackin’.
  • And tied for first place: Pan Seared Gnocchi and Crispy Duck Confit. I love the gnocchi best in the creamy gorgonzola sauce, but if red is your thing there’s a San Marzano tomato option. The pan seared potato dumplings are beautiful, soft, and too delicious to share. As for the Crispy Duck Confit, this stack of corn, sweet potato, and duck confit (definition: duck that’s been slowly cooked in its own fat; translation: falling-apart tender and ridiculously flavorful), with a fried egg on top will definitely inspire entrée envy among your fellow brunchers, so eat quickly. Taking this dish and the DUK Truck into account, it’s safe to say that ducks should fear Jason Dady.

Crispy Duck Confit

Pan Seared Gnocchi

The booze.  Mimosas! Get your first two for one single dollar each. You have your choice of several variations (classic, Bellini, pomegranate, etc.), but my favorite (meaning it’s your favorite, too, right?) is the Tropic Thunder with pineapple, OJ, and a kick of Tabasco. Always delightful and sometimes makes me cough.

Tre Mimosa. Holla fo a dolla.

The scene. Located next to the Fairmount Hotel at 401 South Alamo, Tre’s downtown location is beautiful, spacious, and boasts plenty of windows for observing the two Occupy Hemisfair Park protesters (three on a good day). The park is also nice to look at. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday runs from 10am to 3pm and is equally well-suited for a midmorning nosh with friends, parents, out-of-towners, significant others, or by yourself. An added bonus: as you walk through the hotel lobby into Tre, you’ll get to meet The Fairmount’s Director of Pet Relations, Luke, an ancient, sweet, and gigantic lab mix. Yes, he has his own business cards.

Any questions? Here’s Tre Trattoria on Facebook and Twitter. See you there!

Tre Trattoria Downtown on Urbanspoon

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LIVING (san antonio) on Facebook

Great news, internet: LIVING (san antonio) now has it’s very own Facebook page! Welcome to the future, right? I invite you to go give it a Like!

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Not Food. Still Awesome.

DISCLAIMER: The link below does not contain a post about food, booze, or restaurants in San Antonio. So don’t get your hopes up for any of those.

It DOES, however, contain a story about something equally as rad: 3 Day Startup, a weekend-long startup tech company boot camp, of sorts. 3DS programs happen all over the place, and the fourth San Antonio 3DS just took place this past weekend at Geekdom, a collaborative workspace in Weston Centre downtown. You can read all about it in my article on The Rivard Report.

If you are feeling cheated by this post not containing anything related to eating, drinking, or dancing, please enjoy the picture below that I took at Geekdom of a bunch of snacks for the 3DS participants. You’re welcome.

Snacks for Geeks (picture from 3 Day Startup at Geekdom).


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