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New URL:

LIVING (san antonio) has had a good run, I’d say, but the time has come to rebrand, revamp, and move to a URL of my very own.

Internet, let me introduce you to

This will be the last post on LIVING (san antonio), but nobody freak out. All content from this blog is now available to you at, and all future content will be shared there. So change your bookmarks, tell your friends, like the Facebook page (which also has been changed to Miriam210), follow me on Twitter, re-subscribe on the new website, and stay in touch!


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Robotics Challenge at Geekdom

I spent my weekend with aliens, robots, and middle school kids. No big deal.

Get the scoop on The Rivard Report.




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UPDATE FOR YA: Over the past few days, I’ve become an amateur astronomer. It’s true. Kind of. What I mean is that I’ve been covering the transit of Venus, a rare and spectacular cosmic event that took place yesterday in the skies over San Antonio (and other places, too, I guess).

Looking at the transit through a telescope. The tiny black dot is Venus! Photo by David Herlinger.

If you’re curious, here are the links to what I’ve been writing for The Rivard Report:


Observing the transit through a telescope at Trinity University. Photo by Debbie Brient.

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