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Robotics Challenge at Geekdom

I spent my weekend with aliens, robots, and middle school kids. No big deal.

Get the scoop on The Rivard Report.





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UPDATE FOR YA: Over the past few days, I’ve become an amateur astronomer. It’s true. Kind of. What I mean is that I’ve been covering the transit of Venus, a rare and spectacular cosmic event that took place yesterday in the skies over San Antonio (and other places, too, I guess).

Looking at the transit through a telescope. The tiny black dot is Venus! Photo by David Herlinger.

If you’re curious, here are the links to what I’ve been writing for The Rivard Report:


Observing the transit through a telescope at Trinity University. Photo by Debbie Brient.

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Not Food. Still Awesome.

DISCLAIMER: The link below does not contain a post about food, booze, or restaurants in San Antonio. So don’t get your hopes up for any of those.

It DOES, however, contain a story about something equally as rad: 3 Day Startup, a weekend-long startup tech company boot camp, of sorts. 3DS programs happen all over the place, and the fourth San Antonio 3DS just took place this past weekend at Geekdom, a collaborative workspace in Weston Centre downtown. You can read all about it in my article on The Rivard Report.

If you are feeling cheated by this post not containing anything related to eating, drinking, or dancing, please enjoy the picture below that I took at Geekdom of a bunch of snacks for the 3DS participants. You’re welcome.

Snacks for Geeks (picture from 3 Day Startup at Geekdom).


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A Group to Watch: The SA Chef Coalition

As you may have already read in 140 characters or less, there’s a new posse in town. The big shots of our city’s food scene have teamed up to form the SA Chef Coalition (@SAChefCoalition). Depending on whom you ask, the group intends to celebrate and promote high quality food and restaurants in the city, interact philanthropically with the community, throw some awesome parties, and entertain the digital masses with frequent and hilarious Twitter wars. After a pricy but successful first event (a $95 per person family style dinner, the proceeds of which will buy a piece of kitchen equipment for a local high school’s culinary program), the SA Chef Coalition held a $10 midnight shebang this Thursday featuring fried chicken, biscuits, and Ranger Creek beer at Ave. B and W. Jones Ave., future home to The Luxury (a new project from Andrew Weissman, allegedly opening soon).

The nebulous group consists of at least the following, and possibly others (updates welcomed):

  • John Brand, Las Canarias and Ostra
  • Chad Carey, The Monterey
  • Jason Dady, Tre Trattoria, Bin 555, Two Bros BBQ Market, the DUK Truck
  • David Gilbert, Sustenio
  • Gabe Howe, sommelier of Il Sogno
  • Steven McHugh, Lüke
  • Jesse Perez
  • Michael Sohocki, Restaurant Gwendolyn
  • Andrew Weissman, Il Sogno, The Sandbar

It even comes complete with a mission statement [sic]:

Community involvement and dedication to charitable work
Helping Local Farmers and Artisanal Producers
Education of our Craft, Passion and Drive behind Chef Driven Restaurants
Food & Fitness, Leading the way for making positive changes for our youth

One hundred of their closest fans and friends attended the affair, where the condiment table overflowed with tasty and, not surprisingly, nonstandard concoctions of honey and jam. The chicken, which arguably overshadowed the somewhat bitter biscuits, kept dedicated foodies lining up at the kitchen trailer well into the morning. Twitter was on fire, attendees hash-tagging #SACC as fast as Siri would allow. Michael Sohocki fraternized with a few friendly and hip (good hip, to clarify) former colleagues from his days at the Cove while Jason Dady (everyone’s SA chef crush, amiright?) strode around, smiling at fans who longed but didn’t dare to ask for a picture with him. Several talkative cooks from one downtown restaurant to remain unnamed unexpectedly struck up conversation: “Do you ladies know where somebody can take a piss?” (Free tip for networkers: the old “Where’s the loo?” line. Works every time!) Chad Carey did some delicious damage in the kitchen while David Gilbert played paparazzi (photos available in the Facebook album here). And perhaps best of all, a server from another center-city establishment told me I have handwriting like a computer, only distinguishable from type by the differences in my lowercase letter i’s. (What?) (And thanks.)

So here are my questions, chefs. Whose idea was it to make the mission statement an acronym? What’s next in terms of charitable, youth- and education-oriented work? Do you intend to add any female chefs to the mix? Must one be invited into the group? Do you foresee it growing in number? And most importantly: when is the next event?


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Tamales at Pearl!

My fellow foodies, take note of this fabulous event at Pearl:

“The 2nd Annual Tamales! Holiday Festival returns to Pearl Saturday, Dec. 3 from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  Guests will be invited to explore a holiday Mexican streetscape full of the sounds, sights and tastes of the holiday season.”

If it’s anything like last year’s festival, you can expect tons of people, activity, and a huge variety of tamales. Bring cash and your appetite!

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This is a short post, but it’s important information for you to know. CULINARIA: Restaurant Week in San Antonio – happening now. $15 for a three course lunch, and $35 for a four course dinner at a whole boatload of delicious and fancy SanAn restaurants. Hurry up because it ends on Saturday night, 8/27. Make reservations!

(I visited The Palm yesterday… YUM.)

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