Not Food. Still Awesome.

DISCLAIMER: The link below does not contain a post about food, booze, or restaurants in San Antonio. So don’t get your hopes up for any of those.

It DOES, however, contain a story about something equally as rad: 3 Day Startup, a weekend-long startup tech company boot camp, of sorts. 3DS programs happen all over the place, and the fourth San Antonio 3DS just took place this past weekend at Geekdom, a collaborative workspace in Weston Centre downtown. You can read all about it in my article on The Rivard Report.

If you are feeling cheated by this post not containing anything related to eating, drinking, or dancing, please enjoy the picture below that I took at Geekdom of a bunch of snacks for the 3DS participants. You’re welcome.

Snacks for Geeks (picture from 3 Day Startup at Geekdom).



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