What’s all this about?

KEEP SAN ANTONIO LAME. Who else is tired of hearing that? Let’s talk about the places, events, and things in this city that are EXCITING, that are HIP, that are CULTURAL, and that YOU, my friend, should be enjoying.

I come to you, dear reader, with the best of intentions to share that which, in my opinion, constitutes SanAn’s GREATEST HITS. Though I’m not indigenous to SA, something about this place managed to keep me hangin’ around even after good old Trinity University plopped a mortarboard on my head, a diploma in my hand, and sent me out into the world of cooking for myself and having to work for a living. I SHUDDER!

So, stick around as I report back on the best that the 210 has to offer.

LIVING (San Antonio) San Antonio restaurants

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9 responses to “What’s all this about?

  1. Joyce McLean

    So proud of you!!!!

  2. The slogan is “Keep San Antonio Lame.” No one ever said it was boring. Nobody who knows anything about it, at least.

  3. molo

    Really love your blog!

  4. Julia Vasinda

    Hey, do you have a Facebook or Twitter account linked to this blog? I love your writing!

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