Feeling Friendly?

Hey, friends. Forgive me for being a little Southtown-centric lately, but there is just so much down here you need to know about! Today, we learn about the friendliest place in the 210: The Friendly Spot Ice House on South Alamo.

One of my favorite places to grab a beer, The Friendly Spot is absolutely every bit as friendly as its name suggets. This outdoor ice house offers over 180 beers (24 on tap), cider, wine, sangria, micheladas, AND things to nosh, including burgers, tamales, nachos, guac and chips and quesadillas. Think we hit all the food groups? No? Well, ok.  The Friendly Spot, open daily til midnight, is great for a group or a pair and has specials every night, notably Tecate Bucket Tuesdays, $2 Shiner Thursdays (a.k.a. tonight!), and Friendly Sunday Funday featuring $2 mimosas. On Wednesdays you can catch an outdoor movie, and weekend nights always draw a healthy crowd. Check out The Friendly Spot’s Facebook or Twitter (which are both updated frequently, kudos to you, T.F.S. staff!) for the daily specials and other exciting happenings.

Here’s something else pretty rad: The Friendly Spot short film competition. You can read about it on their website, but the gist of it is this: 8 minutes or less; focusing on friends, family, or community; and starring me (joking. But I do have a great narrator voice. I can even do some accents.).

Lastly, there’s no need to find a kid or dog sitter when you head to this Southtown hotspot. They’ll be fine on their own. JUST KIDDING – please don’t leave your children at home alone. Did we learn nothing from Macaulay Culkin? Anyway, bring those dependents along! That’s right, The Friendly Spot is ridiculously pet and kid friendly, with a playground for the little wigglies and bartenders who are happy to give you a cup of water for your furry friends.

You know what, I’m going to give you an assignment this week. I said that this place is dog friendly, but I’ve never seen anyone bring a cat (or any other animal, for that matter) to The Friendly Spot. Your goal: snap a photo of yourself or a friend (or a stranger, I don’t care) with their favorite non-canine / non-human companion at The Friendly Spot and tweet it to me (@Miriam210) or post it as a link in a comment. Godspeed.

(Again, all photos by yours truly with a little help from my BFF, Instagram.)

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  1. Kristin P

    I want to go!

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