The Hidden Gem of San Pedro

If you have ever said to yourself, “I desire a sit-down music nightclub offering unpretentious, laid-back comfort,” please stand up while I applaud you for your eloquence and refined taste. For those of you who now, come to think of it, do desire a sit-down music nightclub offering unpretentious, laid back comfort, look no further!

Self described as “a sit-down music nightclub offering unpretentious, laid-back comfort” (surprise!) and “designed with musicians and listeners in mind,” Luna lives up to its website’s claims. This hidden gem is located in a rather humble looking strip on San Pedro, south of 410. Inside, you’ll find romantically dim lighting, a full bar (complete with bartenders and nightly specials), beaucoup classic album art adorning the walls, free snacks (yes, FREE! Had some legit meatballs there, once.), red velvet chairs, and really excellent musicians.

You can check out Luna’s frequently updated online calendar to plan a visit around a specific group or artist, but honestly, in my experience, the musicians are all pretty great. This joint is open Wednesday through Saturday starting at 9pm, and is free and open to 18+ on Wednesday and Thursday. (There’s a $7 to $10 cover on the weekends that varies depending on who is playing.) My personal favorite night to visit Luna is on Wednesdays, when a group called Border Palace typically lays down some wicked Latin acoustic beats from 9:30pm to midnight. HEY LOOK, TODAY IS WEDNESDAY!

In conclusion, I deem Luna to be appropriate – nay, IDEAL – for:

  • a pleasant night out with people who appreciate quality music and a relaxed but classy ambiance (and great news: Luna will even let you bring a cake in and celebrate your birthday),
  • impressing friends (or coworkers? Parents? Frenemies?) with your hip, insider knowledge of the San Antonio music scene, or
  • going on a sophisticated yet safe date (because if the free meatballs begin to seem more interesting than your date, you can at least count on the music being worth your time).

So, suerte, mazel tov, and enjoy!


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  1. You write good reviews. And surprisingly, funny too! 😀

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